Range Appliances

Appliance repairs in and around Worthing since 1979


Proprieter and service engineer Lloyd Willis:

Contact proprietor and service engineer Lloyd Willis:

Other Companies that I have used and maybe of help:

Sale of New Appliances: Rory @ Moores Appliances... www.mooresappliances.co.uk 01903 217977

Used Appliances: Tayo@ ABC Appliances The Strand Worthing 01903 246140 

Gas Appliances... Service and Repair...Mr K Lewis on 01903 202130 Thirty years with British Gas. A decent, genuine tradesman, one of the old school...

Central Heating/Boiler... Service and Repair...Mr Kevin Barrett on 01903 883706 I have known Mr Barrett for many years, another tradesman from the old school, put my gas boiler in well over thirty years ago and it's still going strong. Given him countless recommendations...to just about everyone... not one complaint... ever.
Plumbing and heating... Lance Elliot 01903 726738 Based in the Littlehampton area... A first class service engineer.

Plumbing & Property maintenance... Fred can be contacted on 07578 817440 I have found Fred to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable on most building and property maintenance problems.

Automation... Call Stan on 01903 219983 for mot's and motor vehicle service and repairs... Stan has serviced my vehicles for decades.