Range Appliances

Appliance repairs in and around Worthing since 1979



Dear Friend

Thank you for visiting my web site. Much has changed since I started work in B&W TV servicing, moving to domestic appliances in 1969 and eventually establishing Range Appliances in 1979.

After many years of operating a retail shop, repair workshop and onsite repairs, it was time for a change. I chose not to renew the lease and during July 2011 closed the retail shop in Tarring Rd. I now  continued my business from an office and workshop at my home. While modern smart phones now make running a small business possible. Phoning is always  best... but I can't always take your call, so please leave a message and call again later, just in case I miss your message or it gets 'lost' in the ether!

 I have always preferred being ‘on the tools’ and have traveled a full circle and now enjoy servicing the domestic appliances, in my customers homes. Also I am now working in association with my son Trevor.

Trevor has been with me in the business since 1992. Trevor now trades under the name 'The Service Center'.     As I move along the 'perch' I am encouraged to think that this younger man will continue providing a great service into the future.

When I started my own business in 1979, as a young man, I knew very little of what it would ultimately involve. So much of what I have learnt, I have learnt the hard way. One view I had was that ‘business was business’ and ‘personal was personal’ having the mistaken idea that there was a division between the two, in fact there was no such divide, life and experience has taught me that there is nothing one can do in the field of endeavor, that is more personal than starting a business.

I was pleased to discover that customers became friends and friends became customers . It is a truly mutual and beneficial arrangement. So I must take this opportunity to thank the many customers that have supported my business from the beginning and are known as ‘loyal customers’.  They have been generous, supportive and on some occasions very patient. I look forward to being of continued service to them and the many new customers that contact me daily, thank you all for your valued support.

Kind regards Lloyd

Please note we do not service Gas or Refrigeration appliances and for the sale of new appliances we are pleased to recommend Rory @ Moores Appliances in Southfarm Rd Worthing. www.mooresappliances.co.uk